Wellspring’s Christmas Health Tips

Wellspring’s Christmas Health Tips

Another year has flown by in Townsville and Christmas is upon us again. As much as we love this holiday and celebration period, it can sometimes take its toll on our body and mind and therefore also on our spine and nervous system.

Whether it is overindulging in a bit too much Christmas pudding or wine, or lugging heavy Christmas presents around the shopping centre whilst stressing if you have everything organised in time for Christmas Day – it can be a stressful time on the body and spine in many ways.

To assist you, we have come up with some simply Christmas health tips!

  1. Keep moving! Go for a walk or do some of your daily stretching exercises and make it a regular part of your holiday period. Spinal subluxations involve a loss of movement; when the movement is restored, alignment and health are returned to normal.
  2. Leave Santa and his reindeer some carrots and apples, not chocolate cookies! I’m sure he is getting plenty of cookies, reduce those chemical stressors which affect his vital spine and nervous system.
  3. Try and remember your postures and optimal lifting techniques when lugging around heavy gifts at the shops.
  4. If doing things you don’t normally do, like your yearly cyclone preparations or gardening, remember to take it easy and listen to your body for any warning signs that may indicate you have subluxations.
  5.  Just because it’s Christmas does not mean you have to eat the whole pudding or the whole cheesecake. Remember everything in moderation, and try to keep to a normal every day routine.
  6. Make an alcohol deal with yourself! Don’t have any more than you would have had normally if it wasn’t Christmas. Alcohol dehydrates you and affects on your health and wellbeing. No matter how little it is, alcohol is still a toxin!
  7. Anxiety, depression and stress are very common during the festive season. Take some time out for yourself or your immediate family. Whether it is a hobby or a quiet getaway, take some time out and remember that stress can have a dramatic impact on your spinal health.
  8. Get enough sleep. Plan for some early nights as the ‘silly’ season can cause havoc with our sleeping routines. Not sleeping enough throws more than your circadian rhythm out of balance. It is the deeper part of the sleep cycle where the hormones necessary for healing are released.

Yours in Health
Dr Paul Shanahan, Chiropractor

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