Dr Shannon Leach

Dr Shannon Leach

Dr Shannon Leach - Website Photo

With over 14 years clinical experience, we are fortunate to have Dr Shannon Leach join the Wellspring team.

Shannon completed his Bachelor of Applied Science/Bachelor of Chiropractic Science at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2002.  Prior to studying chiropractic, Shannon spent four years training as an acupuncturist, which he completed in 1995 and now uses in conjunction with chiropractic care to assist patients to achieve their health goals.  After finishing his studies Shannon practiced in a number of clinics in Victoria and Queensland before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2005 for ten years to further his experience and see what Europe had to offer. Since recently returning to Australia he has relocated back to Queensland, after having lived in North Queensland when he was growing up.


Shannon sees chiropractic care as vital in influencing the muscular, joint and nervous system of the patient, as they provide the basis for a person’s wellbeing.  He uses a variety of techniques to treat both spinal and peripheral joint conditions including Diversified Adjusting, Thompson Drop-Piece, Sacro-occipital Technique, Activator Adjusting (hand-held instrument), Trigger Point Therapy and Acupuncture.  Shannon is used to seeing patients of a wide range of ages as well as acute and chronic long-term conditions.  He focuses on patient education to help them understand their presenting complaints, the underlying cause and how the patient can play an active role in improving their wellbeing, in order to help restore optimal neurological and biomechanical function to patients.


Shannon continues to further his professional development and knowledge with other practitioners and will often work in conjunction with them in order to assist with the patient’s care and management.  To find out more about chiropractic or to discuss any concerns you may have please contact the clinic at your convenience.

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