Tell-Tale Signs of an Unhealthy Spine


Tell-Tale Signs of an Unhealthy Spine

More and more people are beginning to use natural therapy methods to treat health conditions. Chiropractic care is a common natural therapy which focuses on treating and managing spinal health conditions. Commonly people seek out a chiropractor when they suffer from neck pain, headaches, or lower back pain. Additionally, chiropractors also work to improve overall health by correcting posture, improving mobility, and managing chronic health conditions such as arthritis.


As a chiropractor who is passionate about the health of his clients, I highly recommend seeing one to help you live your best life. Even if you’re not suffering symptoms, getting regular chiropractic care can improve your range of movement, boost your immunity, and even increase your hand-eye coordination. If you are suffering from symptoms, here is a list of 7 signs that you may have an unhealthy spine and should seek out the help of a chiropractor.


  1. Numbness, tingling, or pins and needles in your arms, hands, legs, or feet. Numbness and tingling are signs of nerve compression. Nerve compression commonly occurs as the nerve exits the spine, which radiates pain, numbness or tingling along the path of the nerve. If you’re also experiencing spinal pain in the lower neck or lower back, I’d urge you to have your spine evaluated by a chiropractor.
  2. One shoulder or hip lower than the other. This is a common one. Do a simple check by standing in front of the mirror, preferably without much clothing. If you notice an unevenness it’s probably best to have a chiropractor assess your spine. A variety of conditions can cause this, with most being treatable via chiropractic care.
  3. Regular migraine or tension headaches. These pesky headaches are often related to neck and spinal posture. You don’t need to live with chronic headaches. It’s not genetic, it’s not your normal, and it’s your body telling you something is wrong. Go get your spine checked.
  4. The heels of your shoes wear unevenly. If your shoes wear unevenly then you are probably not bearing your weight evenly from side to side. This means something is misaligned and often a relatively simple problem, but it could also be a sign of something more serious, especially if you also suffer from lower back pain.
  5. You can’t turn your head from side to side equally. This is very simply, a loss of your normal range of motion. A decreased range of motion is a clear sign of body dysfunction. This also counts for twisting, touching your toes, or putting your hands behind your back. Anytime that one side of your body can move, and the other side can’t, it should not be ignored.
  6. You constantly have the urge to crack your neck or back. Your body is telling you something! It’s telling you something is stuck or immobilised within your spine. Immobile joints are prone to degeneration, such as arthritis. It’s like rust on your car, the more you don’t use it the rustier it gets. Chiropractors will find and re-introduce motion into those stuck joints.
  7. Children with growing pains. Most of us have had “growing” pains in the past, but these are not normal. A child’s body is constantly growing and changing and it’s a vital time to have good skeletal structure to grow from.


The number one lesson here is not to ignore the signs your body gives you. If any of these are happening to you, it’s a sign that something is not right with your body. Listen to the signs and get the help you need from a licensed health professional.


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