Tech Neck with Dr Angus Southwell


Tech Neck with Dr Angus Southwell

Here’s a fun experiment, the next time that you’re out in public, whether its on public transport or walking on the street and just count how many pedestrians are on their phones and watch how close their faces are to the screens. Believe it or not, a simple action like this could be the primary cause of  neck stiffness/pain and the headaches that you may be experiencing throughout your day-to-day

This phenomenon called ‘text neck’ or also known as forward head carriage is condition that has been estimated to affect around 66% of the world’s population (1) and is still growing with the increase in more sedentary lifestyles due to rising popularity of smartphone/devices.

Forward head carriage has been shown in multiple articles published by the journal of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice and
Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine that there is a positive correlation between the forward head carriage and non-specific neck pain and sub-occipital headaches (2)(3).

So, with that in mind, how can this be addressed? Here are some things that could be implemented today to ensure that you could prevent the exacerbation of the forward head carriage:

1. Get regular Chiropractic treatments.
2. Become more aware of your posture.
3. Bring your phone to meet the level of your eyes
4. Reduce the amount of time spent looking at the screen.
5. Ensuring to take micro breaks when stationary for over 30 minutes.
6. Stay active.

If you are aware of anyone who struggles with forward head carriage, perhaps its time to book a consultation with one of our friendly Wellspring Chiropractors in North Lakes. It is here, where you will receive a complete assessment of your spinal alignment by one of our highly trained Chiropractors.

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