Spring into Spinal Health

Human spine in x-ray, on gray background. The lumbar spine is highlighted by red colour.

Spring into Spinal Health

Spring Into Spinal Health- by Dr Angus Southwell (Chiropractor)

Spring has sprung on what has been an incredibly wet year, however, don’t let that dampen your spinal health. As the weather is warming and everyone is getting out of their hibernation, outdoor activities has never looked so alluring.

Activities such as gardening, swimming and many others are great ways of staying active, but did you know that they can also be beneficial in maintaining optimal spinal health?

No matter the activity, here are some tips that can help protect and strengthen your spine this Spring:

1. Limit screen time: While the sun’s out, why not spend it outside? By limiting our screen time, it reduces the amount of forward head carriage which can be responsible for neck stiffness and headaches.

2. Wearing the right shoes: Most people will not know but poor footwear can lead to a lot of hip and low back pain. By ensuring that your shoes are right for you, it can reduce the chances of hip and low back pain from occurring.

3. Going for walks: Whether it’s taking the dog for a walk or just a slow stroll by the beach, a walk is a great way to improve your circulation improve spinal stability.

4. Swimming: Going for swims is an excellent exercise and in fact is a great way to help unload pressure from the intervertebral discs (especially along the lumbar spine). When we are in the water, gravity is mostly taken out of the equation hence why swimming and aquarobics are excellent ways in terms of rehabilitation for any disc related injuries.

5. Warm up and warm down: Before and after any exercise, its aways good to do some stretches to reduce the risk of injury. By loosening the muscles, it can help prevent cramps or muscles strains which can take up to a few weeks to heal.

With these five tips, you’re just about to tackle what Spring has in store for you. Pair these tips with your regular Chiropractic visits to ensure that your spine is at it’s optimal alignment for optimal performance.