Sleeping Postures (from Nightmares)

Female sleep posture comparison

Sleeping Postures from Nightmares

Sleeping Postures from Nightmares- By Dr Angus Southwell (Chiropractor)

Given the average person spends approximately t eight hours in bed a night, (which roughly adds up to 229,961 hours in their lifetime or approximately one-third of our life), it could be argued that sleep is an essential part of our day-to-day life (1). Poor quality of sleep may be the result of many factors, and the health impacts of poor quality on one’s health and well-being are well documented.

With sleep being such a valuable aspect of our life, it makes sense that we aim to achieve the the best quality of sleep, to ensure that we wake up rested and at our best.

Sleeping positions are often divided into three groups; Back, Side and Stomach.

Obviously, everyone is different, and with their own individual preference, however, sleeping on the stomach is universally known as being the “least ideal” position to fall asleep in.

When we sleep on our stomach, the lumbar spine is placed under increased lordotic force which over time can lead to unwanted stress and strain on the low back ligaments and muscles.

(2). Another thing that can occur when we sleep on our stomachs is that we are forced to turn our heads to either side. With the neck twisted for several hours at a time, this position can could cause increased strain in the joints and is also a leading cause of acute torticollis in adults and adolescents (3).

So what is the best sleeping position to avoid waking up with pain?

According to a study performed by the “Journal of Sleep Research” titled Determining optimal sleep positions, it mentioned that “In order to achieve the best alignment for the spine… it is recommended that the patient would sleep on their side with a pillow in between their knees… this would allow the spinal column to remain straight and prevent the patient from rolling onto their stomachs (4). Don’t let your dream sleep become a nightmare. Sleep well and wake up feeling more refreshed than you ever have before.



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