Should I See a Chiropractor for Headaches? – by Dr Scott Walton, DC

Headaches … we all get them; But how do we get rid of them? Published data suggests that almost 13% of chiropractic clients, sought the care from their chiropractor for treatment of acute and chronic headaches. As a chiropractor, headaches are one of the most common complaints people seek treatment.

Tension headaches and migraine headaches top the list. High stress and poor postural habits are prime offenders in causing tension and cervicogenic headaches.

Recommended treatment for headaches

Spinal manipulation and other manual therapies should be considered as a recommended treatment for headaches according to a review of 21 Canadian studies and data. In addition, they also suggest that joint mobilisation and strengthening of deep neck flexor muscles have shown to improve cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by specifically by the neck).

For those of us who suffer from episodic tension type headaches, the reviews had inadequate evidence to support joint mobilisation as a treatment method. However, this simply means they could not make a recommendation for or against the use of spinal manipulation in these instances. These studies concluding that craniocervical mobilisation may help with episodic and
chronic tension type headaches.

Manual therapy

A randomised control trial conducted in the Netherlands suggests that manual therapy is more effective than general medical care for treatment of chronic tension type headaches.

Manual therapies would include treatment methods such as chiropractic care, spinal mobilisation, massage, and acupuncture. Many studies suggest that manual therapies are an effective treatment option for tension and migraine type headaches.  In some cases even better than standard medical care.

Chiropractors use many types of manual therapies as their primary treatment method for complaints and conditions such as headaches.

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By: Dr. Scott Walton (BSc. DC) Chiropractor, Wellspring Chiropractic at North Lakes, Brisbane.

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