Keys to healing faster
– by Dr Scott Walton, DC


Keys to healing faster – by Dr Scott Walton, DC

Ever wonder how to make your body heal faster? Why is it that some people seem to recover from illness and injury within weeks, while you heal over the course of months?

Research says that genetics are partly responsible. Poor genetics, however, cannot be entirely to blame. Healing is a natural bodily function, so how can we nurture the body to become its true healing machine?

Here are some keys to boost your body’s natural healing ability, reduce your recovery time, and likely lower the chances of becoming ill in the first place.

Be Healthy to Start With

Pro athletes have remarkably fast healing and recovery time. Having a physically active lifestyle keeps your body functioning at its best. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to improve your recovery time, however.

150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week is all it takes. Not only will your body function better while physically active, but you will also be more aware of changes to your body. You’ll notice injuries faster, and you’ll prevent injuries by having a strong healthy body.

Find Specialists Who Deal with Your Specific Injury

Experience is key when dealing with injury recovery and rehabilitation. Specialists are more likely to know all the fresh and relevant research for your specific problem.  With mechanical injuries, Sports Medicine Doctors are one of the most
knowledgeable. Whoever you are seeing, be sure to ask how many cases like yours they have seen.

Stick to the plan

This is likely the most common error people make when dealing with injuries. Set a rehabilitation plan with your medical professional. This means, 4 weeks of no heavy lifting, means no heavy lifting for 4 weeks!! Seems simple, but we are all guilty of saying, “I feel fine” and going back to work a week early; Or taking that moon boot off a week ahead of schedule.

We tend to think that rest is always best, but the truth is rehab is hard work, and we need to be diligent with the stretches and exercises our practitioners recommend.

Get Your Injury Assessed Quickly

As with any problem, finding out early gives you the best chance at a full recovery. This does not mean that you should make an appointment with a medical professional with every little scrape.

You know your body best, which means if you feel you may have injured yourself, you should make an appointment and get it assessed right away.

Adequate Sleep and Nutrition

Sleep promotes recovery by allowing production of growth hormone, which promotes muscle growth and repair. Dietary needs during healing are Vitamin D and Calcium for bone health, and protein for muscle growth and repair.

A well-rounded diet prior to injury is also highly recommended. Avoid processed foods and eat natural whole foods that build your bodies’ vitamin and mineral stores.

Expect Discomfort

While rest is a requirement for adequate healing and we don’t want to stress already injured joints, we also need to work to retain the strength and movement we once had. This means all the movements need to be retrained and strengthened. Expect some pain and swelling, expect difficulty with activities and encourage your injury to take on some stress.

Be careful, and always make sure any stress you put onto the injury is controlled and in correct moderation.

Be Careful with Anti-inflammatories

Inflammation is a natural bodily response to injury and infection. Inflammation is a rush of blood and bodily resources to an area of injury, which allows the bodies natural healing response to start. Heat involved with this helps kill any harmful bacteria that may have invaded the site as well. We often aim to reduce inflammation to regain normal function of the affected area and reduce pain.

Anti-inflammatory use often helps with arthritic type conditions, but for injury recovery research shows that excessive use can slow the healing process rather than improve it. As an alternative we should aim to eat a naturally anti-inflammatory diet.

Follow these tips the next time you get injured. Let’s become the healing machines we are meant to be.

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By: Dr. Scott Walton (BSc. DC) Chiropractor, Wellspring Chiropractic at North Lakes, Brisbane.