Why should I get my child checked by a Chiropractor?

Why should I get my child checked by a Chiropractor?

By Dr Gordon McPherson-Rayner, Chiropractor

Do you take your child to the Chiropractor? Like you, your child has a nervous system that needs the same care and attention. Children’s nervous systems are rapidly growing and developing and integrating all the new-found information around them.  Early on, phases of change and development are optimal times to have a check-up. For example, when your baby starts to sit up, crawl and walk.  As they grow and develop, Chiropractors can monitor their posture and check their spines to ensure proper motion and function.

Chiropractors analyse and detect vertebral subluxations that are a maladaptation to stress in the spine. These subluxation interfere with the messages traveling back and forth between the body and all cells and tissues. It is when the messages do not get through that we see a decrease in function and eventually symptoms may occur. Chiropractors remove the subluxation with gentle adjustments to the spine which reduces the interference and restores proper movement and function to the body. Therefore, by having your child’s spine checked, you are maintaining the health of your child’s entire body, naturally. Chiropractic care is gentle and safe. Only light force is used when adjusting an infant or child’s spine, no more than the pressure your finger would place on your closed eye lid.

To answer the question “why should I get my child adjusted”, we need to start at the beginning. In utero, the foetus is in a cramped space that can be awkward for them at times, especially if Mum has a misaligned pelvis herself causing extra stress on foetus. The birth process can be quite traumatic passing through such a small space, in which sometimes can be a very short amount of time. Interventions such as vacuum, forceps or manual handling can place added stress on the spine and spinal cord. Intense pulling and traction of the neck and head may cause subluxations to occur in the newborns’ nervous system, usually in the upper cervical spine and pelvis.  A Chiropractic check will help ensure they have the best start at life.

As they get older, think of a typical day for our young students; lugging a backpack that is usually too heavy for them back and forth from school.  This extra weight, especially when not properly balanced, will place extra stress on the spine and change the posture of the child leading to issues arising later in life. Chiropractic check-ups will help keep your child’s spine in the best shape possible.

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