Dr. Brian Wilder

(BSc, MChiro)


My interest in becoming a chiropractor began when I was 15 years old. At that time, I was a track athlete and was keeling over on the track with hip pain. We trained with a physio so I had her look at it, but the relief was short lived, so my coach suggested I see a Chiropractor. My parents had no idea what a Chiropractor was, so they certainly weren’t going to pay for it. Taking responsibility for my own care, I mowed lawns for a few months and saved up the money myself- A challenging feat for a 15 year old kid still in school!


When I first started care I was too young to consent to my own care so The Chiropractor had to ring my mother who obligingly consented. I remember walking out after my first adjustment feeling like a million dollars, itching to return to training, but Dr Ian told me not to train for a few weeks to allow the injury to heal. I begrudgingly did as he asked and waited till we had a regional meet at the end of the period. Anyone whose trained at a decent level will know you start to lose fitness after a couple of weeks. Nonetheless, I ran in the race, blitzed the field and broke the record! and that’s when my light bulb moment occurred.


Since then I graduated from Macquarie University with a Masters in Chiropractic in 1998, set up my own practice in Wooloowin Brisbane, which I built up over 3 years before selling to work throughout Europe which included time inGlasgow, London, Belfast, Dublin and Barcelona over the last 14 years.


Along the course of my travels I did extensive post graduated training in The US to become a Distinguished Fellow accredited in The Chiropractic Biophysics Technique which is essentially focused on advanced postural correction- taking people of all ages all bent over in agony and straightening them up.


I also took up marathon running and reached an elite level clocking 2:24:18 in The London Marathon in 2010. This lead to an extensive amount of research in diet and nutrition to find a competitive advantage. The knock on effect was I gained an a lot of knowledge about weight loss and measures to promote longevity.


Finally before returning to Australia, I began studies in Medicine in Milan, Italy which I intended to use along side Chiropractic as an adjunct for access to additional testing to practice integrative medicine, but the pound took a dive due to Brexit making it no longer viable which brings me back to sunny Queensland where I have since taken up farming, having inherited some cattle, but as you know farming is largely a waiting game, giving me ample time to return to my first passion- delivering quality Chiropractic Care to help others reach and maintain their health goals.

I look forward to assisting you and your family do just that.

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