4 Natural Ways to Promote Joint Health – by Dr Scott Walton, DC

Joints are the connection point between two adjacent bones. Joints are what allow our bodies to move and bend. Humans have 206 bones that create 360 joints in the body.

Our bodies use muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and lubricant called synovial fluid to protect joints and maintain healthy movement of the body.

As a chiropractor my goal is to maintain the health joints within the body, primarily within the spine. By maintaining adequate health of spinal joints, a chiropractor helps to reduce back and neck pain, increase movement and flexibility of the spine, and maintain healthy cartilage such as intervertebral discs.

Your body has a natural ability to heal and maintain itself, but there are many natural ways of helping the body with maintaining joint health. Here are 4 natural ways to help the body maintain strong healthy joints:

Muscle strengthening

Muscles are an essential piece of the puzzle. Muscles will often surround joints to stabilise them. The shoulder for example has a rotator cuff of 4 muscles that give the shoulder joint most of its stability. Light weight bearing exercise on a regular basis will strengthen muscles and stabilise joints, helping to prevent many joint related injuries.

Foam Roller Therapy

Foam roller therapy will also focus on the muscles which support joints. Foam roller therapy is one of the best ways to stretch tight and inflexible muscles and tendons. Joints can become stressed by having muscle imbalances. Tightness in one area and weakness in another. Foam roller therapy can improve these imbalances and take unnecessary stress off the joints.

Essential Fats

Cartilage and lubricant are one of the bodies natural supporting tissues for healthy joints. Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin are direct building blocks for cartilage. Cartilage can often become damaged by inflammation. Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis are some of the most dangerous for our joint health.
Arthritic degeneration is essentially irreversible. Omega 3 fats often act as a natural anti-inflammatory within the body. Foods with high levels of Omega 3’s are oily fish, such as salmon, and nuts & seeds, such as flax.

Joint Mobilisation

Movement of joints is essential. Movement of the joints helps lubricate them with synovial fluid. Movement pumps old fluid out and allows space for fresh new “slippery” fluid to enter.

Healthy joints keep us mobile; they keep us active and keep us strong. Creating healthy lifestyle habits promoting joint mobilisation, muscle strengthening, and a healthy diet will keep your joints at their optimal.

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By: Dr. Scott Walton (BSc. DC) Chiropractor, Wellspring Chiropractic at North Lakes, Brisbane.

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