Terrible Posture Habits


Terrible Posture Habits

At Wellspring Chiropractic we are highly focused on posture. With every new patient, we take a digital postural analysis and highlight problem areas which are usually contributing to the complaint they are presenting with. For a complimentary postural assessment contact us at Wellspring Chiropractic.
Below I have presented 3 of the worst activities which lead to poor postural health.


As a species, our bodies have never been designed to sit. Sitting has been described as the new smoking not only for our postural health, but overall health as well. Many larger companies have begun to understand the health problems associated with the excessive sitting involved with desk jobs and taken steps to counteract it. Providing routine breaks, sit-to-stand desk options, and access to health services are all helping this problem. But it’s not enough! Everyone should be cognisant of how much time they spend sitting down, use the resources available to them, and ensure they stretch or lightly exercise during the day.

Technology use

Smartphones may be an amazing technological advancement and create a lot of convenience, but they are one of the worst things for your posture. Use the tracker on your device and check out how many hours a week you are devoting to screen time. We’re constantly looking downward into our laps or hands to use devices and it’s a primary cause of forward head carriage and associated health problems. These health issues include neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and even vertigo and dizziness. Limit your screen time, and hold your devices up to eye level to help reduce all that postural stress.

Sleeping on your Stomach

Stomach sleep is posturally the worst position to sleep in. Stomach sleepers often wake up with headaches, stiff neck, and pain. It also puts unnecessary stress on our lower back. Stomach sleep will cause excessive arching of the lower back which strains the muscles and ligaments of the spine. The best way to combat this habit is to change it, so find a better sleeping position like your side or back. If you just can’t sleep other than on your stomach place a pillow under your hips and belly which will stop the excessive arching of the lower back and reduce the consequences. If you are going to sleep on your stomach with a pillow, we advise against the use of an additional pillow under your head to avoid neck strain.
While breaking bad posture habits can be difficult, the long-term benefits are well worth the effort. Limit your sitting, technology use, and stomach sleeping for improved spinal health and overall wellbeing. And if posture is something you’re worried about, come visit us at Wellspring Chiropractic.
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Dr. Scott Walton (BSc. DC) Chiropractor, Wellspring Chiropractic at North Lakes, Brisbane.