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Our goal is to empower people to experience optimal health and wellness through chiropractic care and an active process of healthy lifestyle choices.

Our passion is you.
Combining chiropractic care and education, we maintain a commitment to help you live a healthy lifestyle. We offer a unique chiropractic experience, one that is relaxed, affordable and flexible to your needs to ensure that every visit to our practice is a pleasant one.
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For your convenience, we are located in three locations – Newstead (Brisbane), North Lakes (Brisbane) and Pimlico (Townsville).

We also offer flexible opening hours so you can fit your appointment in your day without too much disruption.

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A friendly, caring team.

Experienced Chiropractors

We work together to help educate our clients and the local community on the importance of spinal health and chiropractic care.

Comprehensive care

Educating our client to improve health outcomes

We invest our time in educating our client’s to ensure they live healthier, happier lives.


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